Visitor Medical Insurance

If you are a regular visitor to the US, then buying a visitor medical insurance is highly recommended for you. It is because healthcare sectors are highly costly in the USA. It is a wrong conception that insurance, particularly the health insurance is only meant for those who have health issues. Contrary to your thought, health insurance should be made even if you are healthy. It is because you never know what unforeseen medical complicacies can come up in the future and may be during that time, you will be in need of acute financial help.

We are offering Visitors Medical Insurance for the benefit of those individuals (non US citizens) who are frequent visitors to the US. High end medical benefits will be provided along with the freedom to select one's own doctor and hospital.

Other highlighted feature of the plan includes:

  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Can be purchased and renewed online
  • Refundable upon cancellation
  • No age limit or prior medical examination is required

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